Port of Dunkirk

Ferry Timetables
(Dunkirk, Nord, France)

Sailing from Dunkirk is a highly convenient way of reaching England and is both speedy and economical.

With Norfolkline Ferries' newly modified vessels, journey times are now almost as fast as taking the plane. For many holiday makers, the experience of sailing is an integral part of their trip and a far more pleasant way to travel than by plane.

Norfolkline Ferries Timetables

Three ships sail this route, all of them modern and well equipped vessels belonging to Norforkline Ferries.Ferries depart every two hours 24 hours a day, but not on Saturdays or Sundays when there are no sailings in the wee hours. An up-to-date timetable with current departure times and sailings can be found at:

Services offered from Dunkirk include:

Company Route Duration Season
Norfolkline Ferries Dunkirk - Dover 1 hour, 45 minutes All year

Dunkirk Port

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