Port of Dunkirk

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Dunkirk, Nord, France)

English company Norfolkline Ferries is currently the only company operating ferry services from the Port of Dunkirk.

Cargo services are also available and products arriving and departing from the port include coal, phosphates, oil, minerals, cement, sugar and chemical products.

Norfolkline Ferries

Norfolkline Ferries is a relatively new company operating the England to France cross-channel service. The route between Dunkirk and Dover was established in the year 2000 and has become a highly popular and successful alternative to the traditional Calais to Dover route. The company's fleet has been recently modernised and now includes the Northern Merchant, the Midnight Merchant and the Dawn Merchant. All three ships are equipped with spacious lounges, restaurants, sleeper seats, bars, bureaux de change, satellite TV, video lounge and shops. Crew members are helpful and courteous and include those with first aid training and others trained to deal with disabled passengers.

Dunkirk Port

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